Prism Your Screen - HD Customize & Personalize Your Lock Screen.


Prismatic Shapes

Prismatic and geometric effects are added especially to fit all kind of screens and wallpapers.



Customize with multi languages & modern fonts, add screen reminder or name, edit or rotate your typography.


Powerful Posting

Post on all Social networks such as Facebook, Facebook Friends, Twitter, Email, or save on device.


Prism Your Screen - Customize & Personalize Your Home & Lock Screen.

Change the wallpaper of your lock screen & home screen by applying Prismatic theme on it. Tap on your screen to add your name, slogan, reminder, note, choose your favorite text, send it to your Facebook, or post on Facebook Friends, Twitter, Save to Photo Library & Email.

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Can You Feel The Prism?


You don’t need any more to try to set a wallpaper you prefer and then go back to Home Screen or Lock Screen to see how it looks one by one. Prism Your Screen has an instant preview feature for each screen that allow you to quickly preview your new wallpaper or lock screen with Tab bar, Status bar, Clock, Time, Date, Hour, Lock Key and Camera button.

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Powerful Layout with Responsive functionality that can be adapted to any device or screen size.

High Resolution

Prismatic and Parallax design screens.

Powerful Performance

Prism your screen includes amazing typefaces to add on your lock screen as reminder, or to personalize your screen.

User Friendly

App designed in a way that user feels comfortable while using it, on the go or at the office.

Awesome Results

Screen Previews with original design.

Attractive Design

Light and attractive colors is what makes the app differentiate with others.

Prism Your Screen - HD

Chrome iPad

Available on iPhone and iPad Platforms.

**Prism HD especially designed to fit with your call screen, weather screen, & other notifications screens.**

“Prism Your Screen” (General Physics) a transparent polygonal solid, often having triangular ends and rectangular sides, for dispersing light into a spectrum or for reflecting and deviating light.


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